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Pediatric Dentists in Denver

It is essential for your child to start visiting a dentist as early as his or her first birthday, but not all dental clinics are equipped to care for adolescents. Cody Dental Group proudly provides pediatric dentistry near University Park in Denver, CO for children of all ages. Our pediatric dentist, Dr. Ibrahim, specializes in providing exceptional dental care for infants, toddlers, adolescents, and special needs children. She and the Cody Dental Group team endeavor to create a warm, inviting environment at our pediatric clinic so that your son or daughter is excited about teeth cleanings and examinations. Dr. Ibrahim has almost a decade in dentistry worth of experience in pediatric dentistry. When she is not caring for your child’s pearly whites, Dr. Ibrahim happily serves her community by visiting schools to educate kids about the importance of oral health. We have compiled answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about pediatric dentistry below, but please call us with any queries of your own.

When Should My Child First Visit a Dentist?

Your child’s first dental visit should occur after his or her first tooth emerges or by his or her first birthday, whichever comes first. At the first sign of a primary tooth, otherwise known as a baby tooth, call Cody Dental Group to schedule a pediatric dentist appointment. This is an important milestone in your child’s development and a foundation for oral health, so it is vital to be proactive.

How Important Are Primary Teeth?

A gross misconception is that because primary teeth will eventually fall out, they lack importance. That notion could not be farther from the truth. Primary teeth allow your son or daughter to chew, speak, and smile properly. But just as importantly, they serve as a placeholder for permanent teeth. If you do not care for them and they fall out prematurely, nearby teeth may shift, causing overcrowding problems and other oral health concerns.

How Often Should My Child See the Dentist?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry suggests children should visit a pediatric dentist at least every six months. Regular check-ups allow Cody Dental Group to monitor the growth and development of your child’s teeth while also ensuring they are clean and healthy. In some cases, we may recommend more frequent visits to minimize existing oral health risks.

What Happens During the First Dental Appointment?

Prior to your child’s first dental appointment in Denver, CO, we ask that you fill out any necessary patient forms and prepare a short list of questions that you would like us to answer. Pick a time when your child will be well-rested and cooperative to help cultivate a successful visit. While you are at our pediatric clinic, Dr. Ibrahim and our staff will examine your child’s teeth and jaw to ensure they are developing as they should. He or she can sit in the dentist’s chair or your lap. We will then gently clean the teeth that have emerged and offer suggestions about how you can clean your child’s teeth at home. We may also take x-rays to help us care for your child’s teeth as they develop.


How Should I Clean My Child’s Teeth?

As teeth begin to erupt in your child’s mouth, you may start using fluoride toothpaste on a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean them. Children aged two and younger only need a small smear of toothpaste to ensure proper cleaning. You must encourage your son or daughter to rinse and spit out the toothpaste instead of swallowing it. When your child is between the ages of three and six, you may increase his or her toothpaste usage to a pea-sized amount for each brushing. If your child mentions any pain or you notice any decay, contact Cody Dental Group for an oral exam.

What Oral Health Habits Should My Child Adopt?

In addition to starting your child on a twice-daily routine of brushing his or her teeth, you can help prevent decay by providing a healthy, well-balanced diet. Fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and meat are good for tooth development. It is essential to limit your child’s consumption of sugars and starches to protect his or her teeth from premature decay.

Contact Cody Dental Group for Pediatric Dentistry in Denver, CO Today

Your child’s oral health is of paramount importance. Maintaining a healthy mouth is strongly correlated with good overall health. As soon as your child’s teeth begin to erupt, he or she should visit a pediatric dentist to develop a lifelong oral healthcare routine. Cody Dental Group offers comprehensive pediatric dentistry services for patients in Denver, CO and the surrounding area. On or before your child’s first birthday, contact our team to schedule his or her first pediatric dentist appointment.

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