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Quality Dental Fillings in Denver to Resolve Tooth Decay

Cracks, chips, and decay are virtually inevitable, even if you maintain a strict oral hygiene routine and stay on top of your visits to the dentist. While you might worry about these issues ruining your smile, Cody Dental Group assures you we have outstanding solutions to restore your tooth’s condition and functionality in Denver, CO. White composite fillings are a long-term solution to cavities that blend with your natural tooth color. As an established dental practice since 1946, we have ample experience helping patients while staying current with the latest techniques and technologies. We proudly offer composite dental fillings because of their many advantages over traditional fillings, including their aesthetics, bonding, and safety.

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What Are White Composite Fillings?

White composite fillings are a newer solution to restoring cavities and other dental issues. Traditional dental fillings use materials like gold, porcelain, and composite or silver amalgam. While their strength and durability are still useful in places like the back of your mouth, where extreme forces from chewing call for these qualities, the fillings stand out visually. Newer dental fillings use plastic and ceramic compounds that look much more like natural teeth. These compounds or composite resins work incredibly well on front teeth, where they need to look natural. We can also use composite fillings on back teeth, depending on your tooth decay extent and location. Our dental team will advise you on which filling type will work best for your tooth decay.

Benefits of Dental Fillings

Cody Dental Group gladly uses composite tooth fillings for many reasons. The benefits these natural-looking fillings offer make them an invaluable treatment option for patients with tooth decay. We have described several of the advantages these tooth fillings provide:


  • Aesthetics: We can closely match your composite fillings’ shade and color with your existing teeth. These fillings give you natural-looking results, making them ideal for visible areas of your smile.
  • Natural Tooth Enamel Preservation: In many cases, we can remove less of your tooth enamel with composite fillings than with traditional fillings.
  • Bonding to Tooth Structure: The chemical bond composite fillings create with your natural tooth structure provides a better seal and further support. These factors ultimately prevent additional tooth decay.
  • Mercury-Free: White composite fillings are mercury-free because they don’t use a mercury-containing metal mixture as silver amalgam fillings do.
  • No Expansion or Contraction with Temperature Changes: Traditional tooth fillings tend to contract or expand according to temperature changes inside your mouth, causing discomfort and cracks in your teeth. Composite fillings’ resin-glass mixture does not expand with temperature changes.

Composite Filling Procedure

The process to fill a tooth is straightforward, and Cody Dental Group’s expert team carefully carries out each step to ensure we seal out any chance of further decay. We will keep you informed on your treatment and how extensive it will need to be, depending on your tooth’s condition. The steps to place a dental filling include the following:

  1. We numb the affected area with a local anesthetic and then use an instrument to remove the decayed tissue.
  2. After testing the area to ensure all decayed tissue is removed, we clean all bacteria and debris out of the space to prepare it for the filling.
  3. We apply the tooth-colored composite resin in layers, hardening each layer with a special light.
  4. Once we complete the hardening or curing process on all layers, we shape the composite resin, trim away excess material, and polish it to finish the restoration.

Composite Filling Aftercare

A good oral hygiene routine is essential to taking care of your tooth fillings. Be sure to brush twice a day using fluoride toothpaste and floss your teeth at least once a day. Using antibacterial mouth mouthwash every day is highly beneficial. Stay on top of your regular dental visits so that we can check your restoration and examine your oral condition. Chewing on hard objects like ice, pencils, and hard candy can damage your fillings, so you want to avoid that habit. You may encounter an issue with your filling, even if you take proper precautions and maintain a strict oral hygiene regimen. Cody Dental Group can help you with any dental issue you have. Let us know if you suspect you have any of the following problems, and we will resolve damage and restore your composite filling:

  • Your tooth is extremely sensitive
  • Your filling is cracked
  • A piece of your filling is missing
  • Your filling doesn’t fit tightly against your tooth

General Dentistry from Cody Dental Group in Denver, CO

Cody Dental Group is proud of our treatment quality, and we value each patient’s comfort and wellbeing. Our general dentistry options ensure we enhance or restore your smile so that you can show off your teeth without hesitation. We provide patients with a wide array of treatments, such as dental bonding, crowns, implants, veneers, bridges, and teeth whitening. Contact us today to schedule exceptional dental care with our friendly and talented team.

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