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Software to Show Your New Smile Before Treatment

Cody Dental Group has a long history of helping patients with their dental needs. Since 1946, we have provided a wide selection of treatment options to restore, enhance, and maintain people’s smiles, including various general dentistry procedures. Our team of dental professionals has stayed current on the latest industry techniques and technology over time, including “Smileography” smile imaging forecast technology. Denver, CO patients can now see how their new smile will look before we begin treatment, giving them confidence in our procedures and a beautiful grin to look forward to as we carry out our services. With smile imaging technology, you no longer have to put blind faith in dental professionals. Instead, you can get an accurate picture of the results, making treatment well worth the visits.

man smiling

What Is Smile Imaging Forecast Technology?

Smile imaging forecast technology uses computer software to create an image to show patients what their smile will look like in the end before we complete their treatment. These before-and-after dental work images are highly accurate and can instill a positive outlook in patients, making procedures easier to deal with since they know what the results will be. Cody Dental Group has used this smile imaging technology with countless patients receiving various dental treatments. If you are undergoing a cosmetic procedure like veneers or restoring your teeth with implants or bridges, these images give you a glimpse into the possible appearance of your future cosmetic investment. Combining our adept dental skills and expertise with state-of-the-art imaging technology ensures your satisfaction before we start any oral care services.

How Does Smile Imaging Technology Work?

We start the process by taking digital photos and scans of your smile and then feed this data into our computers. Once in the computer, we analyze and alter your images according to which treatment you will receive to produce your potential results. This technology applies to a wide array of procedures, from dental bonding to extensive smile makeovers. These digitally rendered images are surprisingly accurate. Many patients achieve real-life results comparable to the predictive images we provide with smile imaging. We can create predictive images for many dental conditions, including chipped, crooked, or missing teeth.

Benefits of Using Smile Imaging for Dental Care

The aesthetic benefit of “Smileography” smile imaging forecast technology is obvious. Existing and potential patients can see how our treatment options can improve their smiles. Whether they want whiter, straighter teeth, or a complete makeover, smile imaging provides visual reassurance of stellar results following procedures. Another significant benefit of this technology is how customizable it is, letting us alter and shape the images to fit various general, cosmetic, and restorative treatment options. We can even remove facial blemishes like wrinkles and age spots from the images so that patients can focus on their dental improvements. Cody Dental Group has ample experience providing safe, comfortable, and highly effective dental care, and you will appreciate how accurate the images are when paired with our skills and expertise.

Why Choose Cody Dental Group for Your Dental Procedures?

Cody Dental Group has been a premium dental care provider for decades, and we maintain a commitment to offering our patients the best possible treatment and results. Investing in the latest dental technology is an excellent way to ensure we stay at the forefront of the oral care industry. Our highly trained, professional staff is well-versed in all treatment options we offer, putting each patient’s wellbeing and satisfaction as our top priorities. Smile imaging technology is too beneficial to new and existing patients for us to pass up, so we embrace this service option to give patients peace of mind and confidence in our care. We are the state’s oldest continually operating dental group because we built our practice on keeping our patients smiling with collaborative care by a talented and friendly staff, all under one roof.

Get Exceptional Dental Services in Denver, CO

Instead of visiting multiple dental care professionals to take care of all your dental needs, keep your appointments with Cody Dental Group to receive all necessary treatments in one place. Our caring staff has your best interests at heart and ensures you stay as relaxed and comfortable as possible during your visits. We offer a broad range of treatment options to maintain, restore, and enhance your smile. Let us resolve your chipped, decayed, crooked, or missing teeth with high-quality dental solutions, such as veneers, white composite fillings, bridges, dental implants, crowns, and many other options. Our team will assess your oral condition and recommend the best services for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about “Smileography” smile imaging forecast technology and see how we can improve your smile.

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