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Small boy at the dentist

If you’re happy with your current dentist, you may be tempted to simply take your children there as well. While this may be a good idea when they’re older, it’s important to find a skilled Denver pediatric dentist for their treatment. Pediatric dentists are not the same as others and can give your children more specialized care. There are differences between regular dentists and pediatric specialists you should know.


Pediatric dentists undergo additional training and schooling to learn more about the special dental needs of children. Unlike adults, children’s mouths and teeth are still growing and changing all the time, which could lead to problems that an adult dentist hasn’t been trained to spot or treat. The sooner potential orthodontic issues and other possible problems are dealt with, the better treatment outcomes will be for your child.

Behavioral Training

Kids are still learning about dental health and its importance, making it essential to ensure that their experiences with the dentist are positive ones. If they’re not, a child may shy away from dental care later in life and ignore his or her dental health. A pediatric dentist in Denver or anywhere else is specially trained to reduce fear and make dental visits a positive experience. They are also trained to treat special needs children so the dental clinic doesn’t become a scary or traumatic place for them.

Simple Explanations

It’s important for parents to understand the medical and dental needs of their children, but it’s also important for the child to understand what’s happening. Pediatric dentists have the training and experience to explain even complex dental issues in child-friendly ways so your son or daughter understands what is happening without feeling overwhelmed or having more information than they need. This includes children in their own care and helps alleviate fear.

Tools That Are Just Right

Pediatric dentists often utilize smaller chairs and tools to more comfortably accommodate smaller bodies and mouths. Being in an environment filled with other children, toys and furniture that’s just the right size helps puts children at ease and makes trips to the dentist fun. Be it in school, daycare or their own bedroom, your child spends lots of time in spaces designed to be comfortable for little people. A pediatric dentist knows how to create a similarly soothing environment so your child won’t feel overwhelmed or out of place.

Why Choose a Pediatric Dentist,