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The Cody Dental Group is a true group practice modeled on the Mayo Clinic’s clinical philosophy of general dentists teaming up with specialists to offer patients a full spectrum of care under one roof. This collaborative approach places an emphasis on preventive care and is our trademark.

The prevention of tooth loss is a reality. In fact, in this day and age, everyone should be able to keep his or her teeth for a lifetime.

Most people loose their teeth due to breakdown caused by germs. There are two ways in which germs can result in tooth loss, and both are preventable. When germs are allowed to sit on the tooth surface in the form of plaque they create an acidic environment, which dissolves the tooth surface, creating a cavity.

The accumulation of plaque can also create an inflammatory reaction, leading to bleeding gums and the loss of the jawbone that secures the teeth. This phenomenon of gum disease is termed gingivitis, or in severe cases of breakdown, periodontitis. Both cavities and gum disease, and the consequential tooth loss, can be prevented.

The key to prevention requires a team approach between the patient, the hygienist and the dentist. Periodic professional cleanings eliminate the germs in hard to reach places that have built up and developed into a hard dental tartar on the tooth crown and root surface.

Exams including x-rays give us the opportunity to catch problems when they start, and in so doing, limit the potential consequences. Lastly – and absolutely essential to the preventative process – the patient must maintain their dental health by brushing and flossing daily.

If we the dental professionals do all we can do, and educate you the patient on all you need to do at home, we can eliminate tooth loss due to germs. At Cody we are dedicated to doing all we can to help you keep a beautiful healthy smile for a lifetime.

Call Today and Prevent Tooth Loss!