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A girl wearing Invisible braces in the teeth

If you’re an American adult in your thirties or older, you probably had braces as a kid or teenager. For many decades, braces were practically a rite of passage. You might remember the pain, discomfort, and hassle of traditional metal braces. Even worse were the self-image issues braces could cause. Being a teenager is hard at the best of times, and a set of metal braces can make you even more self-conscious.

Fortunately for adults and teens today, a better option exists. Invisible braces such as Invisalign offer straighter teeth without the many problems that come with metal braces. Here are six ways invisible braces have changed things for the better.

There Are a Lot of Choices

Just like with metal braces, invisible braces are custom-made to fit your unique mouth and dental shape. There’s no one-size-fits-all here! What’s more, invisible braces are available from many different brands including Invisalign, Damon Clear, and Insignia.

There’s No Tightening Needed

One of the worst things about metal braces is the periodic tightening needed as your teeth move into alignment. This process is often painful and irritating. However, with invisible braces, you simply get a new aligner every two weeks or so. This helps to put your teeth in the proper position without the need for metal wires and brackets.

They’re Removable for Eating

Metal braces could often be a nightmare at mealtimes. Certain foods are easily caught in the wires, leading to embarrassing episodes and the avoidance of stringy foods. With invisible braces, this isn’t a worry. They’re removable, so you simply take them out to eat! You won’t have to be concerned that there’s a bit of spinach stuck in your braces after lunch.

Sports Are No Problem

Many a kid has received a nasty cut from their metal braces during a sports game or practice. Since invisible braces are smooth with no sharp edges, this is no longer a problem. They won’t cut or abrade the inside of your lips and gums. If you play a contact sport and need to wear a mouthguard, you can simply remove your invisible braces until the game is over.

Brushing and Flossing Are Easy

Metal braces make brushing and flossing a painful chore. It’s hard to maneuver and navigate around all the brackets and wires. But with invisible braces, you simply remove them to brush and floss normally. Also, it’s super easy to clean the braces themselves once they’re removed.

A Great Look and Self-Confidence

Of course, the whole point of invisible braces is to be invisible. Other than your orthodontist, no one will ever even realize that you have them on. They’re completely transparent and custom sculpted to match your natural teeth.

With invisible braces, you can discreetly improve your smile, correct crooked bites, and straighten your teeth without anyone being the wiser. Invisible braces are a perfect choice for anyone who wants to enjoy greater self-confidence without the pain and visibility of traditional metal braces.