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Dentist treating small girl

The idea of going to the dentist may be scary for a lot of kids. However, as a parent, this shouldn’t prevent you from getting oral healthcare your child needs. Talk to your child why it’s important to seek the help of an orthodontist. Explain to them that the dentist will be able to improve the look and function of their teeth, allowing them to have a better, healthier, and more beautiful smile.

To help you make your kid understand the importance of going to the dentist, you may want to discuss these factors with them.

The Why

Orthodontists are a type of dentist who fixes crooked and crowded teeth and bites problems. Poor teeth development and jaw growth are other problems that they can address. Aside from aesthetic reasons, such problems are fixed because they can actually cause oral health issues.

For instance, overlapping teeth are harder to clean, making them prone to gum diseases and decay. Bad bites, on the other hand, might make it difficult for your kid to chew and talk. These are only some of the health issues that require the help of a Denver orthodontist.


As children grow, the more developed their jaws become. This is why delaying their checkup may make it more challenging to correct the problems. Experts advise parents to have their children checked before the age of 7. This way, problems can be spotted and addressed before they get worse.

Don’t worry, though, because your kid does not have to wear braces immediately. This is just to let the orthodontist see what problems could occur and how to prevent them by coming up with the best treatment possible.

The How

A dental checkup isn’t that scary in real life. The orthodontist will have your kid sit on a chair and take an X-ray of their mouth and teeth. This will give the dentist a visual of how the teeth are positioned. Next, a mold of the kid’s teeth will be made to help the dentist plan how to straighten the teeth. This is done with a tray of gooey material that is pressed into your child’s bottom and top teeth. Your child’s mouth, jaw, and teeth will be examined and the orthodontist will ask questions about chewing, swallowing, and jaw problems. After all this, the dentist will tell you whether your child needs treatment or not.

Explaining these to your child properly may help you convince them to have a trip to the dentist’s clinic. One thing to remember is that if possible, go to a dentist in Denver, CO who is good with children as well.

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