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Girl wearing braces

Plenty of adults are surprised to find out that they need and can get braces at their age. Many of them experienced the classic case of failing to wear their retainers diligently, which caused their teeth to revert into misalignment. Others may have lost some teeth or experienced the eruption of their wisdom teeth, which can also cause shifting or overcrowding.
Aside from these cases, there are also adults who have had crooked teeth all their life but only had the resources and determination to have them treated recently. You may also be getting a new job, shifting careers, getting a promotion, or simply wanting a positive change in your image, which urged you to have your dental issues fixed.

Downsides of DIY

A few can be tempted to do the teeth straightening themselves. Although this seems bizarre to a lot of people, it is actually a practice—a concerning one at that—among adults who really want to enhance the appearance of their teeth, but are not willing to spend for proper orthodontic treatment. Some people may resort to buying teeth aligners online (without the supervision of a dentist), while others alarmingly resort to their own devices like using elastic bands to close gaps or move their teeth.

This do-it-yourself methods that aim to straighten teeth can be dangerous and could only make one’s dental problems worse. The improvised devices can injure the person’s gums and cause the teeth to move too quickly, forcefully, or awkwardly. This can bring irreparable damage to the oral structures. Instead of affording the risks, adults should consult a Denver dentist with extensive experience and training in orthodontics to explore safe and effective options.

Choices to Suit Your Needs

If you wish, you can get the conventional braces (i.e. one with metal brackets and wires), but you can also find options that have cosmetic and practical advantages. Some treatments can use clear or tooth-colored brackets and wires to make the braces less noticeable. Other treatments can be designed to last for just six months (only for mild cases) to produce results quickly but safely.

The most popular option that could be recommended by an established Denver orthodontist, such as the professionals of Cody Dental Group, among adults (and teens, too) is the Invisalign treatment, where customized aligners or trays made of clear resin are used. Basically, the patient must wear the custom-made aligner for most of the day and pop in a new set of aligners about every two weeks to produce the desired effects. These orthodontic devices are virtually invisible and almost never noticed by other people (unless they look really closely).


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