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Tips for preventing playground injuries

Parents are recommended to take their kids to the playground, like the Downtown Children’s Playground in Denver, to enhance the little ones’ social skills. However, parents must keep in mind these useful tips from The National Association for the Education of Young Children, to minimize accident risks in the playground.

  • The area is designed so adults can supervise children at all times.
  • The playground is free of hazards. For example, make sure the ground is free of trash and broken glass.
  • There is safety surfacing beneath equipment, especially under climbing materials. Look for a thick layer of mulch, sand, or synthetic shock-absorbing surfacing, such as shredded rubber.
  • The equipment is in good repair. Rust, exposed nails or screws, and loose pieces can be hazardous. Plastics should be free of cracks and wood-free of splinters.

However, sometimes, a simple game of tag among kids can turn into a push-and-shove match, causing some little ones to fall and hit the ground, face-first. If a fall resulted in a dental injury, and the little ones have started to grow their permanent teeth, they will most likely require the services of a trusted Denver dentist for treatment. Here’s a look at common dental injuries in kids:

Loose tooth

Parents must not waste any time in taking their kids to a dentist in Denver if the tooth is very loose since there’s a strong chance it will fall out anyway. In this situation, it’s best to have the already injured tooth extracted than risk the chance of it falling out at an inopportune time (while the child is sleeping, which could lead to choking).

Knocked-out tooth

In this case, parents must try to retrieve the tooth, making sure to handle it by the crown, and to rinse it gently in the water. Afterward, they can carefully plant the tooth back into its socket to increase its chances of survival and hold it in place until they get to the dentist who will then re-implant the tooth.

Broken tooth

One way to initially deal with this problem is to gently clean the area around the break. Parents must apply a cold compress on the face to minimize the swelling. Afterward, parents must take their kids to the dentist. To fix a chipped tooth, dentists either do a composite filling or a porcelain crown.

Sometimes, playtime at the park may result in kids sustaining a dental injury. When this happens, parents should seek the services of qualified family dentists like the ones from the Cody Dental Group. With their help, kids can calmly deal with their loose, broken, or knocked out tooth and have it treated properly.

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