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Happy family at the hospital

As your family grows, trips to the dentist have the potential to be a logistical nightmare, which is why selecting a clinic or group of dentists can be the perfect solution.

Family Dental Clinics such as Cody Dental Group, are general dentists or a group of dentists who can offer a range of services for all the family all under one roof. This obviously has many advantages for parents as you can coordinate your children’s appointments with your own, even being able to do them all on the same day. Therefore, it is very common for the whole family to use one dentist or group of dentists in the clinical setting for all their needs.


Extensive Dental Knowledge – Family Dentists will be trained in all aspects of general dentistry and may even have a specialty such as a child/ Pediatric dental care or implant surgeries. Because these dentists have a wide range of skills and experience, they can take patients of all ages and can help children with the transition from baby teeth to permanent teeth, all the way up to maintaining prosthetic dentures.

Simplicity and Convenience – Many families like this simply because of familiarity with the dentist and the other dental staff. This is especially true in the case of children because it makes them feel more comfortable, therefore having a more positive experience. It also makes it easier to track dental records, see specialists, and be in one place for multiple appointments. Cody Dental Group has several specialties under one roof, ie.: Xray, endodontics, pedodontics, periodontics, laser, extraction, orthodontics, TMJ therapies, snoring mitigation, whitening, cosmetic dentistry, and dental hygiene.

Well-Trained – Clinics that cater to families will also have dentists that have particular training in Pediatric dentistry, which will hopefully make the initial visits a little less stressful. Their approach is usually fun, but educational and designed to put the young patient at ease as quickly as possible.

Another benefit can actually be provided because multiple appointments can be made at the same time as your child. If your child is upset at the dentist, then seeing you in the chair can provide positive reinforcement for them. At Cody Dental Group, we encourage young patients to come to short appointments with their parents to watch, observe, and maybe even participate in appointments! This can be fun for everyone!


Your family dentist will be your first port of call for any of your dental needs and will carry out your routine checkups and address any minor issues such as dental hygiene and restorative appointments. They may also be able to provide other services such as teeth whitening, root canal treatment, repairing damaged teeth, and fitting braces. Also, they will provide up-to-date information and guidance on dental hygiene and help you educate your children on teeth brushing techniques.

As we mentioned above, family dentists usually work in collaboration with other dental professionals such as dental surgeons and hygienists, so make sure to ask about this if you are searching for a new dentist. A general dentist may be able to perform minor dental procedures but might refer you to a dental surgeon to perform procedures such as dental implants or treatment for gum disease.

One area that many people are unaware of is that dentists can help with issues such as sleep apnea and snoring. Both problems can be troublesome but easily solved using simple techniques.

In fact, your dentist will be able to help you with any dental related queries for both adults and children.