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Young girl wearing braces smiling

People rarely have fond memories while wearing braces as a child or as a teenager. They may have been teased because of how they looked (possibly complete with acne problems and other flaws). They may have also experienced discomfort when they got their braces or whenever they get adjustments.
When they finally get the braces off after a couple of years, they feel relieved, thrilled, and even free. They can finally be confident to broadly smile and show off their perfectly aligned teeth.

Unfortunately for some of them, their teeth could shift after a few years, and they have to deal with a crooked set of pearly whites again. As adults, you might be concerned about whether or not you can still get braces again or even frustrated that you have to. Before you get upset, though, here are five things an orthodontist wants you to know:

1. Adults Can Get Braces.

If you haven’t had the chance to get braces when you were younger, perhaps because of financial issues, it’s never too late to get braces as an adult. Likewise, if you had braces before and the results did not last, you can get orthodontic treatment again.

2. It Might Have Been Because of Not Wearing Your Retainers.

In many cases, a person who needs to get braces again failed to wear retainers as prescribed by his/her dentist. For instance, you needed to wear it every night, but you were already busy in college and you always forgot to do it. Other people experience forgetting their retainers on cafeteria or fast-food tables (because you have to remove them while eating), and the retainers accidentally end up in the trash.

3. It Could Simply Be a Natural Shift of Your Jaw.

Other times, the teeth just naturally shift over time, possibly because of the jaw changing in structure or wisdom teeth erupting.

4. It Doesn’t Have to Be As Inconvenient or As Expensive As Before.

What you have to know is that the next time you get braces doesn’t have to be similar to a previous negative experience. There are innovative orthodontic treatments that are quicker and have less discomfort tied to them. There are even invisible braces that help you undergo the treatment unnoticed—a preferred device of several professionals and public figures.

5. You Have Options.

If you really don’t want to wear braces or if it’s purely a cosmetic problem (the misalignment is not causing discomfort or making you prone to plaque buildup), you can explore other dental services, such as those offered by Cody Dental in Denver. You can get veneers instead of braces, for instance, to improve the appearance of your smile.


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