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Dentist treating the patient

With advancements in technology, laser procedures are the new frontier of dental care. While lasers have many applications, one of the most promising is in the treatment of gum disease through laser periodontal therapy.

Nearly half of American adults suffer from gum disease. From the lack of access to dental care to simple poor hygiene habits, it has become a serious issue. It only gets worse as we age.

Doctors have found links between gum disease and heart disease, dementia, arthritis, diabetes, and even premature birth. Now more than ever, we need to find a solution.

Fortunately, laser periodontal therapy offers new hope. By incorporating lasers into our practice, we can help to reduce that percentage.

But why lasers? Here are just some of the amazing benefits of lasers over traditional tactics.

Reduces Pain

Traditional dental procedures can be painful. In addition to the work itself, swollen and lacerated gums can cause lasting discomfort. With lasers, that issue is lessened.

There is not gum cutting, the swelling is minimized, and the procedure itself sometimes causes a fraction of the pain. That means less anesthesia is needed, as well as less recovery time. That’s important.

Because of this, gum therapy can be a quick, easy procedure. Many times, you won’t have to take a day off from work. This makes scheduling much less of a nightmare.

Reduces Anxiety

Due to the associated pain, forty million Americans avoid the dentist out of fear or anxiety. If someone avoids the dentist their whole adult life, they’re at great risk.

While we can’t cure a phobia, lasers can provide a lot of reassurance. One of the main causes of fear is the dental drill. It’s become a bit of an infamous icon of the dentist. If we can eliminate the need, then we can eliminate a lot of anxiety.

One of the best ways to prevent or cure gum diseases is with regular check-ups. If someone with dental anxiety knows that treatment won’t hurt, they’ll be more inclined to visit annually.

Provides Immediate Results

One of the best aspects of laser periodontal therapy is quick results. We can actually immediately stop the bleeding. While bleeding is just a symptom, it’s important to eliminate.

This can also carry over into the client’s home hygiene. Bleeding gums can dissuade you from keeping up good habits like flossing and brushing your gums.

Preserve the Healthy Tooth

Lastly, laser therapy can help your healthy teeth last longer. Scraping and drilling can eat away at a healthy tooth. We want to make sure your smile is healthy, but we also want it to last a long time.

With lasers, we can do just that. Your gums are important, but so are the teeth themselves. You need a solution that helps both.


Periodontal laser therapy is the future of dental care. It is also the present. Cutting edge technology helps us better treat gum disease to keep you happy and healthy. Whether it’s anxiety or time based, we want to eliminate any hesitation you have to take care of your teeth.